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Matter 1

With great pleasure we invite you to share
with us the Sweet Sixteen celebration
of our daughter
Saturday the fourteenth of January
Two thousand and six
at seven o'clock in the evening
8090, Albert hall, NY, USA
xyz and YYY

Matter 2

You have shared in their lives with us
And watched them grow
With your love and friendship
Their journey in life continues

With great xyz and YYY
xyz and YYY
Cordially invite you to attend
An Evening of Enchantment
Honoring our Beloved Children

As she celebrates her
Sweet Sixteen Birthday
On his Graduation from
Gulliver Preparatory
Class of 2006

Friday, May 26, 2006
8090, Albert hall, NY, USA
Formal Attire Requested
6:45 P.M. Cocktail Hour
8:00 P.M. Dinner and Dancing
Please return the RSVP card by May 12, 2006

Matter 3

Once upon a time a little girl had a dream
to have a beautiful ball when she turned Sweet Sixteen
To have a guest like you there would be a delight
So please come join us on
Rebekah's Magical Night

Friday June Twenty-Third at Eight pm.
8090, Albert hall, NY, USA

Semi-formal attire
R.S.V.P on or before May Twenty-Third
(999) 999-9999

Matter 4

Once a upon a time a little girl had a dream,
to have a beautiful party when she turned 16.

Now the day is here at last,
dinner & dancing, it will be a blast.

Join us as we celebrate
xyz Sweet Sixteen

Friday, July 7th at 6:00 pm
8090, Albert hall, NY, USA

R.S.V.P. by June 1st

Matter 5

xyz and YYY
Request the honour of your presence at the
Sweet Sixteen
of their daughter and granddaughter
Escort of Honour
Hector Romo
Maids Escorts

xyz. YYY.

xyz. YYY.

xyz. YYY, xyzYYY
xyz and YYY for church
xyz and YYY
xyz and YYY
xyz and YYY for
the requerdos (gift bag)
xyz and YYY for photographer
xyz and YYY
for the xyzXYYYY for the Dj
xyz - YYY and wife for church
xyz for mask
xyz and YYY for invitations
xyz and YYY for the cake
xyz and YYY for the
dress crown and shoes
On Saturday, the nineteenth of August
two thousand and six
At eleven o'clock in the morning
at 8090, Albert hall, NY, USA
Dinner from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Dance
to follow immediately after until 12:00 a.m.
At 8090, Albert hall, NY, USA
Guardian Angels forever watching over her
Grandfather xyz and YYY

Matter 6

The precious moments have brought us happiness
All the memories, we will forever cherish
These past years have been nothing but a joy
Please join us at this celebration, a day to enjoy

xyz and YYY

Would like for you to join them at the
Sweet Sixteen of their daughter

And at the graduation of their son
On July 29th, 2006 p.m.
at 8090, Albert hall, NY, USA
Please R.S.V.P by June 20th 2006

Matter 7

Mr. & Mrs. xyz
Cordially invite you and your family
to attend the
Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party
of their youngest daughter
On Saturday, August 20, 2005
6:30 P.M.
8090, Albert hall, NY, USA
Please R.S.V.P. By
August 10, 2005
xyz Residence
India Palate

Matter 8

xyz and YYY
Cordially invite you to a
Sweet Sixteen Celebration
Given in honor of our daughter
On Saturday the tenth of December
two thousand and five
at six o'clock in the evening until ten
8090, Albert hall, NY, USA
Please Respond by November 26, 2005
Ewa (999) 111-1111

Matter 9

Sixteen years ago this day,
The world was made a better place,
for the depths of beauty were not reached,
Until you showed your little face.
You brought into this world,
More than life itself can bring,
for the limits of your kindness,
Cannot be compared to anything.
As each year has passed on by,
You shone with every step you took,
And a brighter heart is hard to find,
My eyes dare not even look.
You set the world on fire,
With the smile on your face,
You calm the world with silence,
With the warmth of your embrace.
You display to me these things,
With every single word you say,
And I thank you for giving me,
A place for my heart to stay.
Mrs. xyz and YYY
cordially invite you to attend a
Sweet Sixteen Birthday Party
on Saturday, the Fourth of February
from 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM
8090, Albert hall, NY, USA
Tel: (860) 956-7586

Matter 10

Be ready to be Bejeweled & Bedazzled

Please join us for an evening under the stars
As we celebrate our daughter's birthday.
Alexis Nadia Persaud Charran
Is Sweet Sixteen
Sunday May 28, 2006
5 p.m - 10:30 p.m.

Paradise Cove at Buena Vista Watersports
13245 Lake Bryan Drive
Lake Buena Vista, Florida 32821

RSVP by May 1, 2006

No suits, no jeans, just something in between.

Matter 11

You're invited to

xyz birthday bash

Put on your Jazz Ma Tazz, glitzy-glam
fashion wear and jam on with the disco Bratz
Saturday, February 18th 2006

8090, Albert hall, NY, USA


Dazzling Bratz performance
by lil ' xyz

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