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Long Scrolls

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Long Scrolls are always considered as a special form of invitation that stands out from regular invites. These are long used as royal invites and were highly popular in the medieval and pre-medieval eras among the nobles and courtiers. As we bring this trend back we leave no chance to recreate that regal and aristocratic feel for you with invitations.

At Scroll Wedding Invitations, we have been creating long scroll invitations for all occasions and events for a long time. Here, while we design invitation cards, we make sure your purpose is served fully. Thus, we create customized scroll invitation cards that are created to offer different presentation styles, crafts, formats, and messaging ideas, so you have the most fitting invitation to suit your requirements and preferences.

Our Unique Long Scroll Wedding Cards are created to fit your party theme. We keep you served with various styling options for birthdays, weddings, retirement, baby showers, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Proms, Conferences, Housewarming, Annual Events and more.

We aim at offering delightfully customized long scroll invitations to suit your idea just right. To do this effectively and successfully we involve you in our process of design and execution and keep you in the loop to create the invitation that perfectly suits your needs.

Long Scrolls Invitations we create are made with different color and size options. We opt for different material and craft selections served with different paper thickness, form, and texture options. To allow our users with more choices as per their quality and budget choices.

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