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Twin Scroll box invitations

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There are times when you have a lot to express and convey as a host and invitation cards seem to fall short of space. Happens with people who love poetry, have a huge social circle, or those with big celebration plans!

Well, proving that easy, there’s one slick way to go – Twin Scroll Box Invitation.

With the invitation box with two scrolls, you have more space to scribble and present your message. More space means more design promises too. These invitations may have more options for theme to collectively present the two scrolls. You may have a contrasting or complementing design scheme and pictorial arrangements depicting the two scrolls in one interesting invitation concept. Enclosed in a multi-colored, unitone, or ornamental casing - suiting your idea of twin scroll box invitations!

Is it a ‘double good news’? Put your baby shower invite for the twins in this invitation-duo. More functions to go? Just separate your invitees into two parts only sending the whole-invite to the close family and friends. If this is a double celebration of a retirement and a birthday, go on with a dual-invite and make your request more acknowledgeable. There are many ways you can make a twin scroll box invitation serve you eloquently.

You can even do this with your Royal Scroll Wedding Invitations to add to the volume of your message. A twin scroll box invitation can also be used to experiment with style choices that get twofold as you go with a dual-scroll invitation. These scroll wedding cards and box scroll invitations can have different material options and can come in various designs and finishes. You even have different box types and wrapping options to go for to best complement your purpose and idea of invitation.

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