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Wedding Favors

Unique and purely handmade Indian wedding favors, wedding gifts & decorative items to make your wedding a memorable event. Say Good bye to your guests with creative and unique wedding favors and indian party favors. Our range includes wall hangings, wedding bells, wooden jewelry boxes, wooden key chains, bead necklaces, earrings, incense holders, Bangles etc.

A wedding is considered incomplete if guests are not bid farewell with a parting gift. Also called wedding favors, these are handed out to each individual guest or family. It is a gesture of ‘thanks’ from the bride and groom for being a part of their special day.

In The Medieval times, European aristocrats would give porcelain, crystals or semi-precious stones. In the Indian tradition, it is common to give guests a box of sweets or mixed nuts while they are leaving the wedding premises. In Christian weddings, it is tradition to give parting guests bonbonieres, or sugar coated almonds. However, today’s bride and groom prefer to show their gratitude and appreciation by sharing small, memorable and more permanent wedding favors which eventually also become keepsake items.

Indian Wedding Card is all too familiar with this customary tradition. In order to keep up with the trends of the modern bride and groom, we’ve amassed a collection of extraordinary parting gifts. Our selection features handmade handicrafts that are suitable for the home and personal use. Some of our most popular wedding favors include:
• Religious figures such as Lord Ganesha or Lord Krishna
• Handmade zari pouches
• Jewel-encrusted earring boxes
• Ethnically inspired key chains
• Wooden coaster sets
• Marble figurines
• Silver and other metal items
Irrespective of which gift item you choose, your guests will be truly pleased by your gesture of ‘thanks’.
Bid farewell to your guests in style and grace with Indian Wedding Card’s exclusive collection of Indian handicraft Wedding Favors.

Favors By Type

Box Favors View Catalog

Box Favors

Beautifully presented favors in elegant embossed boxes and simple gifts. Personalize with custom printed ribbon and tags...

Keychain Favors View Catalog

Keychain Favors

Keychain Wedding Favors are presented and gift wrapped in a showcase display gift box tied...

Ganesh Favors View Catalog

Ganesh Favors

Gold and colored handpainted wooden Crystalline shine with white reflection are the highlights of this glass Ganesh idol...

Decorative Figure View Catalog

Decorative Figure

The shining grace of good luck that this favor symbolizes, the auspicious tradition of giving a favor...

Pouch Favors View Catalog

Pouch Favors

A reflection of the days gone by, this intricately detailed Pouches with gota-patti and net work is a piece of ultimate beauty...

All Favors View Catalog

All Favors

Favors of All Types with Decorative,wodden,gift items, gift boxes,key chains is a great way to deliver a message of thanks...

Favors By Raw Material

Marble Favors View Catalog

Marble Favors

Gift one from our series of hand carved Marble,sandstone, Glass &Wooden statues, &crush stone Ganesh paintings...

Embroidery Favors View Catalog

Embroidery Favors

Embroidered Boxes are an unique addition to any Gifted item and it draws the gaze of the viewer...

Wooden Favors View Catalog

Wooden Favors

Gold and colored handpainted wooden box.Wooden matki box with elaborate hand carving to make a unique favor...

Enamel Favors View Catalog

Enamel Favors

Featuring pearlized enamel handles with crystal encrusted butterflies,stones,knifes and flowers. ...

Others Favors View Catalog

Others Favors

Choosing the perfect wedding favors can transform your wedding into a breathtaking, unforgettable event....

German Silver & Metal Items View Catalog

German Silver & Metal Items

The favors that express your emotions & the sense of gratitude in the most sparkling of manners...

Lac Favors View Catalog

Lac Favors

It includes handcrafted pen , key chains in lac & paper machie items, hand-painted Brass boxes,Embroidery Favors...

Net Favors View Catalog

Net Favors

The favors that express your emotions & the sense of gratitude in the most sparkling of manners...

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