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Theme Based Invitations

Cards By Theme

Beach Theme Invitations View Catalog

Beach Theme Invitations

Want to host a beach party or a wedding? Turn your event into a surreal affair with these perfect invites which display fine taste and set the beach mood of your guests. We create a visual delight in the form of these beautifully crafted Beach Theme Invitations.

Boarding Pass Theme CardsView Catalog

Boarding Pass Theme Cards

Accentuate the thrill of your destination wedding with these creatively designed Boarding Pass Theme Cards. Apart from being innovative and novel, these wanderlust inspired cards add more fun to your gala event showcasing luxury and grandeur at their best.

Box cardsView Catalog

Box cards

Give a royal touch to your big day with these amazing box cards displaying elegance and grace in the most spectacular manner. Our Box cards collection is truly inspired from the bygone era of grandiose displaying richness in texture, designs and display.

Bride Theme Cards View Catalog

Bride Theme Cards

Definitely, it is the bride who holds everyone’s attention with her charming aura and radiant smile. Bride Theme Cards keep the focus on the bride showcasing her persona in the most artistic and creative manner. Our invites are designed keeping in mind the vibrant theme of the wedding.

Bride Groom Theme Cards View Catalog

Bride Groom Theme Cards

Mesmerise your guests with this exclusive collection of Bride-Groom Theme Cards created and designed by Indian Wedding Card. They are definitely awe-inspiringly vibrant making them a hot favourite of those who wish to celebrate their wedding in a grand manner.

Bright color scheme Cards View Catalog

Bright color scheme Cards

Colours add life to any event, especially if it is the prismatic arrangement in a perfect symphony that complements the event. Our collection of these panoramic spectacles, filled with array of colours, create the most appealing ensemble to brighten up your event.

Broach Cards View Catalog

Broach Cards

Create richness and sophistication of a royal invitation with these Broach Cards that leave an everlasting impression on your guests. These cards have an exquisite beauty and unique style that remains unparalleled and unmatched.

Cards with PaintingView Catalog

Cards with Painting

Hand painted cards speak volumes of your classy style which is displayed so well in these beautifully designed invitations with paintings that express more than words. Let them cast their magic spell on your guests in the most innovative manner.

Damask Theme CardsView Catalog

Damask Theme Cards

A perfect blend of sophistication and style, Damask Theme Cards inspired from vintage era display a bountiful of liveliness wrapped in these unique creations. Celebrate your big day with our most artistically designed Damask Wedding Cards which exhibit exquisite workmanship.

Doli Theme Cards View Catalog

Doli Theme Cards

If it is an Indian wedding, nothing is more sentimental and emotional than a doli which symbolises the girl leaving her father’s home and entering a new phase of life. Our exclusive collection of Doli Theme Cards highlight the momentous occasion in the most creative style.

Door Open Style Cards View Catalog

Door Open Style Cards

Door open signifies a welcoming gesture which expresses itself with an aesthetically appealing and symbolically apt designer invitation cards. Its artistic design has an entrancing impact on the guests who look forward to attend the event. Our Door Open Style Cards are no doubt strikingly beautiful.

Elephant Theme Cards View Catalog

Elephant Theme Cards

What could be more majestic and grander than an elephant which has always been a symbol of royal Indian wedding? Our magnificent collection of Elephant Theme Cards, display the true essence of our rich traditions in the most creative and ingenious style.

Fabric CardsView Catalog

Fabric Cards

Give a classy and traditional touch to your wedding day cards with these spectacularly displayed and ethnically designed fabric cards. This collection is unparalleled and unmatched in style and elegance. These are surely going to find their way in your guests’ keepsake boxes where they treasure beautiful memories.

Fan Shaped Cards View Catalog

Fan Shaped Cards

Inspired from Victorian age, these Fan Shaped Cards are a viewer’s delight casting an indelible impression of vintage era style. These cards look fancy and creative which showcase the unique and precise skill of the designer. Choose from our most exclusively made handmade fan cards.

Floral Theme CardsView Catalog

Floral Theme Cards

When love is in the air, flowers surely arrive to make this special moment fragrant. Flowers personify romance and beauty and our Floral Theme Cards are exclusively designed to showcase these amorous emotions filling them with colours of love.

Foil Cards View Catalog

Foil Cards

The foil or glossy finish cards are glamorous in appearance and rich in style which exhibit modern and contemporary designs in the most luxurious manner. Our collection of Foil Cards cast an inerasable impression with those who wish to celebrate their weddings in a special way.

Groom Theme CardsView Catalog

Groom Theme Cards

If you look at the funnier side, the only day when a man gets attention is on his wedding. So, the focus must remain on him. Our Groom Theme Cards do this in the most handsome manner. They are the perfect way of highlighting his charisma and charm.

Jaipur Theme CardsView Catalog

Jaipur Theme Cards

Jaipur, capital of Rajasthan, exhibits its unique culture which focuses on rich Rajasthani traditions and its spectacular monuments. When Jaipur Theme Cards showcase rich wealth of this unexampled, magnificent city they set a new standard of perfect beauty.

Laser Cut Invitations View Catalog

Laser Cut Invitations

Set the everlasting impression of being different from the rest as you share your happiness with others with these uniquely beautiful laser cut invitations. This sensationally designed and intricately cut collection of wedding invites is simply stunning to look at, creating an awe-struck moment.

Laser Cut Paste Up Card View Catalog

Laser Cut Paste Up Card

When you have decided to celebrate your big day in a grand manner, then why not choose something that makes it grander. Laser Cut Paste Up Cards are extremely alluring displaying the designer’s ingenuity in a most creative way.

Letterpress Theme Cards View Catalog

Letterpress Theme Cards

Want to go back in times when the world used Letterpress method of printing? Letterpress Theme Cards will make your invites engaging. They will turn out to be the most awe-inspiring invites which will be sought after by others. Our collection will leave you spellbound.

Lotus Theme Cards View Catalog

Lotus Theme Cards

Indian mythology has attached a lot of importance to lotus which has been found to be loved by Gods. Not only that, lotus shaped patterns create an enchanting impact on the onlookers. When you choose Lotus Theme Cards, their sensationally creative designs are never short on innovation or creativity.

Masquerade Theme Invitations View Catalog

Masquerade Theme Invitations

Masquerade or masks have been traditionally existing, symbolising art and culture in the most spectacular and dramatic manner but when it comes to Masquerade Theme Invitations, they are amazingly different setting a mood for a great theme party.

Multicolor Offset DesignsView Catalog

Multicolor Offset Designs

Normal is boring. So, why not go wild with imagination and set the party on fire with these multi-coloured invitations that require a designer of rare talent to create an oddly beautiful ensemble of colours which never fail to attract attention and leave an everlasting impression.

Odd Shape Invitations View Catalog

Odd Shape Invitations

Choose to be different. Send these Odd Shaped Invitations to your guests and win their admiration for your impeccably creative and offbeat designs which are classy and modern. Our collection of these invites creates an unusual aura of liveliness and vibrant genre.

Paisley Theme Cards View Catalog

Paisley Theme Cards

Add a touch of Persian art form on your wedding invitations and create a theme of luxury and flamboyance with these Paisley Theme Cards. Choose from our rich and classy collection of ornamental and premium designer wedding cards that never fail to impress everyone.

Palace Theme Invitations View Catalog

Palace Theme Invitations

What’s more royal than a Palace Theme Invitation card which never fails to create the regal impression and speaks volume of impeccable and classy style? Our Palace theme cards take us to the bygone era blending in charm and charisma of olden times.

Peacock Theme cards View Catalog

Peacock Theme cards

Bring good luck with these exquisitely designed Peacock Theme Invitations which display prismatic symphony of vibrant and lively colours. Our collection exhibits creativity in the most ingenious manner.

Plexi Glass Cards View Catalog

Plexi Glass Cards

When you wish to display pure modernity with flamboyance for your big day, then Plexi Glass or also known as acrylic wedding cards are the solution. This impressive and latest wedding card collection is stunning and magnificent to create some memorable moments on your special day.

Pocket Cards View Catalog

Pocket Cards

Pocket Cards are visually trendy and compact to look at. They are designed to create an ensemble of innovatively creative invites which comprises of a pocket that contains the card. It takes a designer’s sense of colour scheme that makes this invite a stunning one which personifies elegance at its best.

Pocketfold Invitations View Catalog

Pocketfold Invitations

Get the trendiest and stylishly designed Pocketfold Cards which are not only unique but also superbly created with inner and outer envelopes. These invitations are immensely elegant and interesting to look at and they also leave an everlasting impression of modern era.

Radha Krishan Theme Cards View Catalog

Radha Krishan Theme Cards

Some themes for the wedding never lose their charm. That is why Radha Krishan Theme Cards are a class apart and always create a designer effect. The vibrant colours and the stupendously rich evergreen figures are anytime favourites with those who believe in traditional art.

Ribbon & Multi-Layer Cards View Catalog

Ribbon & Multi-Layer Cards

Colourful ribbons and multilayering of paper into a creative ensemble is a visual delight that only a designer of rare abilities can create. Choose from the brightest and the most vibrant of our collection to enjoy the desired effect.

Rose Theme CardsView Catalog

Rose Theme Cards

Rose symbolises freshness and fragrance along with elegance and grace which has been attached to it since the bygone days. Likewise, Rose Theme Cards unfailingly remain attractive and never fail to exhume their charm and charisma in the liveliest manner.

Shreenathji Cards View Catalog

Shreenathji Cards

Choose from the bright, rich and luxuriantly designed cards which display an image of Lord Shreenath Ji, evoking religious sentiments as well symbolising his blessings on the auspicious occasion. Our collection of these invites range from the simplest to the most opulent ones.

Single Sheet Cards View Catalog

Single Sheet Cards

These sleek, eco-friendly and elegantly designed Single Sheet Cards are in no way lesser than any other invites. They cast an impression of beautifully designed invitation cards that display a striking balance of colours and pattern.

Small Size Cards View Catalog

Small Size Cards

Sometimes small is beautiful which stands absolutely true for our collect ion of Small Sized Cards that are in no manner less beautiful or less graceful. In fact this collection displays its uniqueness in the most exquisite style lending an electrifying energy to them.

Thick CardsView Catalog

Thick Cards

When you want to say in style and when luxury plays on your mind while announcing your wedding, then these hardbound wedding cards never fail to exhume glamour and magnetism. Our collection of thick cards is an absolute viewer’s delight which is unfailingly enchanting.

Tree of Life Theme Cards View Catalog

Tree of Life Theme Cards

When the theme is so inspiring, how can the theme cards not be impressive? Tree of life theme cards signify fresh beginning and positive energy which continues to grow forever. This collection displays beauty and simplicity of thought designed in the most creative manner.

Tulip Theme Cards View Catalog

Tulip Theme Cards

Tulips, the flowers that remain unparallel in beauty come in array of colours are the true inspiration for these beautifully designed Tulip Theme Cards. They add liveliness and spirited touch to the party and set the mood for the big day, filling the air with excitement in modern and trendy style.

Cards Based on Paper

Invitation cards, when used with appropriate paper turn out to be the most beautiful and alluring. The quality of paper says it all as the invite gets its glamour and appeal from it. Choose the premium quality paper which makes these cards the most striking.

Shimmery Finish Paper CardView Catalog

Shimmery Finish Paper Card

Primary paper used to make these cards is shimmery paper...

Handmade Paper Card View Catalog

Handmade Paper Card

When human ingenuity is at display, the results are amazing. This is what you get when you choose handmade paper cards to announce your big day to others. Our collection of these creative cards is amazingly kaleidoscopic displaying its vast variety in array of colours to charm those who receive them.

Cards By Color Family

Colours denote happiness and in the same manner colours lend charm and charisma to the invitation cards, without which the happy moments also become a bit dull and lifeless. Add vividness and energy to your special day with the colourful cards that never fail to lift the spirits.

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