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Scroll Wedding Invitations

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Scroll Invitations
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Kings and Queens could be no more in power, but scroll invitations still rule the roost and are the most preferred invites for wedding in India. Royal, traditional, yet trendy, scrolls are easy to carry, have large space for the wordings, are easy to handle and need very little space for storage and are easy to deliver.

Apart from these qualities, scroll invitations carry the most important message with them and that is these are ‘farmaan’ for the guests to attend the wedding. In addition to this, these have the largest number of combinations regarding designs, accessories, paper, cloth material and printing. Thus, these are the ones which are available in almost innumerable designs.

At Scroll Wedding Invitations, we have exclusive scroll designs available. Our designers constantly come up with newer designers and every day there are new designs added to our catalogue. Apart from this, we use the best material, printing method in order to make these cards and hence cards sold by us are not only awesome design wise, these are economical also.


Scroll Invitations

  • Only scrolls

    Only scrolls

    These scrolls are affordably priced and are an excellent choice for any occasion. These are available with or without envelopes...

  • Fabric scrolls

    Fabric scrolls

    These scrolls are made with silk brocade fabric and can be engraved. These are excellent wedding cards with or without boxes...

  • Cinderella Theme Scrolls

    Cinderella Theme

    Cinderella theme scrolls are excellent invites for Castle Weddings, Fairytale theme, Cinderella theme and Princess theme weddings...

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